Justin's Dead Pool 2020
A Year In Review

Last Updated:  April 1
Our 2020 Scoring Roster
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson
Rev. Billy Graham
Rev. Billy Graham
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking
Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush

Big deaths rendered meaningless because nobody scored.
Anthony Bourdain

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The B-List
Folks who, while not quite rising to the level of Headliner, were still of note.

Jerry Van Dyke  John Mahoney  Reg E. Cathey  Mickey Jones Jerry Van Dyke  (1/5/86)  longtime comedic actor

John Mahoney  (2/4, 77)  Frasier's dad

Reg E. Cathey  (2/9, 59)  The Wire, Oz, many others

Mickey Jones  (2/7, 76)  character actor
David Ogden Stiers (3/3, 75)  MASH, lots of Disney/Pixar movies

Milos Forman  (4/14, 86)  director, Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus, Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon

Harry Anderson  (4/16, 65)  Night Court

R. Lee Ermey  (4/15, 74)  Marine, actor
David Ogden Stiers  Milos Forman  Harrry Anderson   R. Lee Ermey

The C-List
Minor celebrities, various other entertainment names.

Doreen Tracey (1/10, 74)  original Mousketeer           


Earle Bruce  Dwight Clark  Nikolai Volkoff   
Earle Bruce (4/20, 87)  former OSU football coach

Dwight Clark  (6/4, 61)  former 49ers player, famous for 1985's "The Catch"

Nikolai Volkoff  (7/29, 70)  longtime WWF baddie

Doug Harvey  
(1/13, 87)  longtime NL umpire, nicknamed God         


Dolores O'Riordan  Matt "Guitar" Murphy        Dolores O'Riordan (1/15, 46)  singer, Cranberries

Matt "Guitar" Murphy  (6/15, 88)  Guitarist, The Blues Brothers

Ray Thomas 
(1/4, 76)  flautist, Moody Blues          

Business / Politics / History
Thomas Monson  (1/2, 90)  Mormon church president
Naomi Parker Fraley  (1/20, 96)  inspiration for Rosie the Riveter
Hubert de Givenchy  (3/10, 91)  style 

It's All Relative

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart  (2/1, 68)  eldest son 
Ensa Cosby  (2/23, 44)  daughter of Bill
Winnie Mandela  (4/2, 81)  widow of Nelson