Justin's Dead Pool 2016
A Year In Review

Last Updated:  December 27

Our 2016 Scoring Roster
Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda
Justice Antonin Scalia
Antonin Scalia
Harper Lee
Harper Lee
Martin Crowe
Martin Crowe
Joey Feek
Joey Feek
Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan
Sir George Martin
Sir George Martin
Rob Ford
Rob Ford

Patty Duke
Patty Duke
Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
Gordie Howe
Gordie Howe

Ralph Stanley
Ralph Stanley
Gene Wilder
Gene Wilder
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer
Bhumibol Adulyadej
Bhumibol Adulyadej

Steve LaTourette
Steve LaTourette
Jack T. Chick
Jack T. Chick
Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro

John Glenn
John Glenn
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor
George Michaeld
GGeorge Michael

Big deaths rendered meaningless because nobody scored.
David Bowie
Alan Rickman
Garry Shandling
Prince Rogers Nelson
Garry Marshall
David Bowie
Alan Rickman Garry Shandling Prince Garry Marshall

Alan Thicke
Carrie Fisher

Alan Thicke
Carrie Fisher

The B-List
Folks who, while not quite rising to the level of Headliner, were still of note.

Wayne Rogers  Pat Harrington, Jr.   Dan Haggerty    George Gaynes Wayne Rogers (12/31, 82)  MASH's Trapper John

Pat Harrington, Jr.  (1/6, 86)  One Day At A Time's Schneider

Dan Haggerty  (1/15, 73)  Grizzly Adams

George Gaynes  (2/15, 98)  Police Academy, Punky Brewster
George Kennedy  (2/28, 91)  tough-guy character actor

Larry Drake  (3/17, 66)  LA Law Emmy-winner

Doris Roberts  (4/17, 90)  beloved TV mom

Madeleine LeBeau  (5/1, 92)  Casablanca's Yvonne
George Kennedy  Larry Drake  Doris Roberts  Madeleine LeBeau  

Morley Safer  Jan Crouch  Ron Lester   Morley Safer  (5/19, 84)  veteran 60 Minutes correspondent

Jan Crouch  (5/31, 78)  giant purple-haired founder of TBN religious network

Ron Lester  (6/17, 45)  Varsity Blues' Billy Bob

Anton Yelchin  (6/19, 27)  Chekov in the Star Trek reboot

Elie Wiesel  (7/2, 87)  Nobel laureate.  Holocaust survivor.  Prolific author.

David Huddleston  (8/2,85)  Blazing Saddles.  Lebowski.  Dozens of others.

Kenny Baker  (8/13, 81)  the man inside R2-D2

 Anton Yelchin  Elie Wiesel   David Huddleston  Kenny Baker 

Jack Riley  Steven Hill  Marvin Kaplan  Jon Polito  Jack Riley (8/19, 80)  Newhart.  And that guy from that thing.

Steven Hill  (8/23, 94)  DA Schiff on Law & Order

Marvin Kaplan  (8/26, 89)  nebbish character actor from Alice, prolific voice actor

Jon Polito  (9/1, 65)  Coen Brothers regular

Alexis Arquette (9/11, 47)  member of famous acting family

Bill Nunn  (9/24, 63)  Spike Lee regular, also New Jack City and others

Kevin Meaney  (10/21, 60)  longtime standup comic

Janet Reno  (11/7, 78)  first female Attorney General

 Alexis Arquette  Bill Nunn  Kevin Meaney  Janet Reno

Robert Vaughn  Ron Glass      Robert Vaughn (11/11, 83)   Man From UNCLE, tons of other stuff

Ron Glass  (11/25, 71)  Barney Miller, Firefly

The C-List
Minor celebrities, various other entertainment names.

Jason Wingreen  (12/25, 95)  voice of Boba Fett          David Marguiles  (1/11, 78)  veteran actor, mayor in Ghostbusters          Joe Alaskey  (2/3, 63)  succeeded Mel Blanc as the voice of Bugs and Daffy          Angela "Big Ang" Raiola  (2/18, 55)  Mob Wives star          Joe Santos  (3/18, 84)  Rockford Files actor          Ken Howard  (3/23, 71)  stage, tv, and film actor          David Smyrl  (3/22, 80)  Sesame Street's Mr. Handford         Erik Bauersfeld  (4/4, 93)  voice of Admiral Ackbar          Arthur Anderson  (4/9, 93)  voice of the Lucky Charms leprechaun          E.M. Nathanson  (4/5, 88)  author of The Dirty Dozen          Phil Sayer  (4/14, 62)  the voice of the London Underground.  "Mind the Gap"          Alan Young  (5/19, 96)  human star of Mr. Ed, also the voice of Scrooge McDuck          Burt Kwouk  (5/24, 85)  Cato Fong in the Pink Panther films          Angela Paton  (5/26, 86)  Bill Murray's innkeeper in Groundhog Day          Sir Peter Shaffer  (6/6, 90)  British playwright of Equus and Amadeus          Michu Meszaros  (6/12, 76)  the guy in the ALF costume          Janet Waldo  (6/12, 96)  voice of Judy Jetson and many others          Michael Cimino  (7/2, 77)  Director, Deer Hunter          Noel Neill  (7/3, 95)  first actresss to play Lois Lane, in 1948          Marni NIxon  (7/24, 86)  uncredited movie singer.  Deborah Kerr in King and I.  Natalie Wood in West Side Story.  Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.         Miss Cleo  (7/26, 53)  infomercial "psychic", real name Youree Harris          Fyvush Finkel  (8/14, 91)  Stage, film, tv actor, best known for Picket Fences          Arthur Hiller  (8/17, 92)  director, Love Story and many others          John McLaughlin  (8/16, 89)  political talk-show host          Dick Assman  (8/22, 82)  Letterman's "Assman the Gasman"          Jerry Heller  (9/2, 75)  former manager, NWA          Lady Chablis  (89/8, 59)  transgendered star of Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil          Edward Albee  (9/16, 88)  Pulitzer winning playwright          Charmain Carr  (9/17, 73)  Liesl von Trapp          W.P. Kinsella  (9/16, 81)  author of Shoeless Joe, which became Field of Dreams          Curtis Hanson  (9/20, 71)  writer, LA Confidential, 8 Mile          Agnes Nixon  (9/28, 93)  creator, One Life To Live, All My Children          Steve Dillon  (10/22, 54)  author of Preacher comic          Michael Massee  (10/20, 64)  actor who accidentally shot Brandon Lee          Rick Steiner  (11/3, 69)  Broadway producer;  The Producers, Hairspray, Jersey Boys          Gwen Ifill  (11/14, 61)  co-anchor of PBS' NewsHour          Joseph Mascolo (12/7, 87)  Stefano from Days of Our Lives          Margaret Whitton  (12/4, 67)  hated Tribe owner from Major League          Peter Vaughan (12/6, 93)  Game of Thrones' Maester Aemon          Joey Boots (12/23, 49) part of Howard Stern's Wack Pack


Lee Reherman  Joe Garagiola  Joanie "Chyna" Laurer  Kimbo Slice     
Lee Reherman  (3/2, 49)  American Gladiator's Hawk, actor

Joe Garagiola  (3/23, 90)  Baseball player and broadcast great

Joanie Laurer  (4/20, 45)  WWE's Chyna

Kimbo Slice  (6/7, 42)  breakout MMA fighter

Buddy Ryan  (6/28, 82)  NFL defensive coach.  Won '86 Super Bowl with Da Bears

Pat Summitt  (6/28, 64)  Greatest women's basketball coach.  Ever.

Dennis Green  (7/21, 67)  longtime NFL head coach

John Saunders  (8/10, 61)  ESPN college football anchor
Buddy Ryan  Pat Summitt  Dennis Green  John Saunders     

 Jose Fernandez  Dennis Byrd  Rashaan Salaam  Craig Sager  
Jose Fernandez (9/25, 24)  ace Marlins pitcher

Dennis Byrd  (10/15, 50)  former paralyzed Jets lineman

Rashaan Salaam  (12/5, 42)  1994 Heisman winner at Colorado

Craig Sager  (12/15, 65)  wildly dressed NBA sideline reporter

Dave "Hendo" Henderson  (12/27, 57)  Red Sox postseason hero          Lawrence Phillips  (1/13, 40)  former Nebraska and NFL running back, was serving 30 years in prison          Bernie Stowe  (2/9, 80)  Reds clubhouse manager for decades         Will Smith  (4/9, 34)  former Buckeye and Saints player          Milt Pappas  (4/19, 76)  200+ game winner in MLB          Dwayne "Pearl" Washington  (4/20, 52)  former Syracuse basketball star          Rick MacLeish  (5/30, 66)  part of the Philadelphia Flyers champ "Broad Street Bullies" teams          Nate Thurmond  (7/16, 74)  NBA  Hall of Famer          Betty Jane France  (8/29, 78)  First Lady of NASCAR          Harry Fujiwara  (8/28, 82)  former WWE manager          Cary Blanchard  (9/6, 47)  former Colts kicker          Suzanne Mitchell  (9/27, 73)  creator of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders          Ralph Branca  (11/23, 90)  gave up Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard Round the World          Joe McKnight  (12/1, 28)  former Jets running back


 Natalie Cole  Glenn Frey  Denise "Vanity" Matthews   Prince Be Natalie Cole  (12/31, 65)  R&B singer

Glenn Frey  (1/18, 67)  founding member of The Eagles

Denise Matthews (2/15, 57)  Prince protege Vanity

Prince Be
 (6/17, 46)  half of PM Dawn

Buckwheat Zydeco  (9/24, 68)  the only zydeco musician anybody's ever heard of

Leon Russell  (11/13, 74)  pianist and songwriter
 Buckwheat Zydeco  Leon Russell    

Dale Griffin 
(1/17, 67)  drummer, Mott the Hoople          
Signe Anderson  (1/28, 74)  original singer, Jefferson Airplane          Paul Kantner  (1/28, 74)  original member, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship          Maurice White  (2/3, 74)  founder, Earth, Wind & Fire          Lennie Baker  (2/24, 69)  singer, sax player, Sha Na Na          Keith Emerson  (3/11, 71)  keyboardist, Emerson Lake & Palmer          Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor  (3/22, 45)  A Tribe Called Quest          Billy Paul  (4/24, 80)  singer, Me & Mrs. Jones          John Berry  (5/19, 52)  founding member of the Beastie Boys          Nick Menza  (5/21, 51)  former drummer, Megadeth          Henry McCullough  (6/14,/ 72)  guitarist, Wings          Bernie Worrell  (6/24, 72)  keyboards, Parliament Funkadelic          Scotty Moore  (6/28, 84)  Elvis' guitarist          Mack Rice  (6/27, 82)  writer, Mustang Sally, Respect Yourself          Lou Pearlman  (8/19, 62)  founder of the boy-band craze          Matt Roberts  (8/20, 38)  guitarist, 3 Doors Down          Pete Burns  (10/23, 57)  singer, Dead or Alive          Leonard Cohen  (11/7, 82)  celebrated singer-songwriter          Joe Esposito  (11/23, 78)  Elvis' right-hand man          Greg Lake  (12/7, 69)  King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer

Business / Politics / History
Ashraf Pahlavi  (1/7, 96)  twin sister of the Shah of Iran

Boutros Boutros-Ghali  (2/16, 93)  former UN Secretary-General

Jack Lindquist  (2/28, 88)  first president of Disneyland

Richard Ransom  (4/11, 96)  founder, Hickory Farms

Connie Kopelov  (5/28, 90)  part of the first same sex couple legally wed in New York in 2011

Margaret Vinci Heldt  (6/10, 98)  inventor, beehive hairdo

Jerome Fisher  (6/23, 85)  founder, Nine West

Sydney Schanberg  (7/9, 82)  journalist whose experiences in Cambodia inspired The Killing Fields

Suzanne Wright  (7/29, 69)  cofounder, Autism Speaks

Joe Sutter  (8/30, 95)  designer, Boeing 747

Richard Trenglage  (9/21, 87) writer, Oscar Mayer weiner jingle

Ruth Baron Ziff  (11/11, 92)  real-life Peggy Olson, created "Mr. Whipple" ad (which was my dad's CB handle)

Jim Delligatti  (11/28, 98)  inventor, Big Mac

Dr. Henry Heimlich  (12/17, 96)  inventor of a maneuver

William Del Monte  (1/11, 109)  last known survivor of 1906 San Francisco earthquake

Umberto Eco  (2/19, 84)  author, The Name of the Rose

Earl Hammer, Jr.  (3/24, 92)  creator of the Waltons

Robert Cooper  (4/25, 39)  inventor, St. Germain elderflower liqueur

Louis Garippo  (5/31, 84)  judge in trials for both John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck

Bretagne  (6/6, 16)  last known living 9/11 search dog

Goro Hasegawa  (6/20, 83)  inventor, Othello board game

Rev. Tim LaHaye  (7/25, 90)  author of the Left Behind series

Greta Friedman  (9/8, 92)  the woman in that VJ Day poster getting kissed by a sailor in Times Square

Shimon Peres  (9/28, 93)  former Israeli PM

Junko Tabei  (10/20, 77)  first woman to climb Everest in 1975

Ronald Peters  (11/19, 59)  Pete Rose's bookie

Grant Tinker  (11/28, 90)  former boss of NBC, ex of Mary Tyler Moore

Richard Adams  (12/24, 96)  author, Watership Down

Edgar Mitchell  (2/4, 85)  6th man on the moon [and DeMolay Hall of Fame member]

Jim Kimsey  (3/1, 76)  cofounder of AOL

Mother Mary Angelica  (3/27, 92)  nun who founded EWTN television channel

Bill Backer  (5/13, 89)  the guy who actually created that Coke "Teach The World To Sing" ad.  Sorry, Don Draper

Ralph Ketner  (5/29, 95)  founder, Food Lion

George Voinovich  (6/12, 79)  former Ohio governor and Senator

Jack Taylor  (7/2, 94)  founder, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Dave Schwartz  (7/30, 63)  Weather Channel meteorologist

Frank Palopoli  (8/6, 94)  Inventor of fertility drug Clomid

Phyllis Schlafly  (9/5, 92)  anti-feminist leader

Trinh Thi Ngo  (9/30, 85)  North Vietnam'sHanoi Hannah

Peng Chang-kuei  (11/30, 98)  inventor, General Tso's chicken

E.R. Braithwaite  (12/12, 104)  author, To Sir, With Love

It's All Relative

Carl Izzo  (12/28, 90)  father of MSU Coach Tom

Ramon Castro  (2/23, 91)  older brother of Fidel and Raul

Michelle McNamara  (4/21, 46)  writer and wife of comic Patton Oswalt

Jeanne Parr  (5/20, 92)  mother of Chris Noth

Ricci Martin  (8/4, 62)  youngest son of Dean

Marion C. Berry  (8/14, 36)  son of DC mayor

Margrit Mondavi  (9/2, 91)  widow of the wine guy

Mary Smith  (11/26, ?)  mom of NFL's Emmitt

Rene Angelil  (1/14, 73)  husband of Celine Dion

Frank Sinatra, Jr.  (3/16)  son of Francis Albert

Harriet Carell  (5/7, 90)  mother of comic Steve

Nancy Dow  (5/25, 79)  actress mother of Jennifer Aniston

Barbara Gibb  (8/12, 95)  mom of the Bee Gees and Andy

Curtis Roosevelt  (9/26, 86)  grandson of FDR

Prince Mikasa  (10/27, 100)  brother of Hirohito

Gordon Hunt  (12/19, 87)  father of Helen

Daniel Dion  (1/16, 59)  brother of Celine Dion

David Gest  (4/12, 62)  ex-husband of Liza Minnelli

Afeni Shakur  (5/2, 69)  mother of Tupac

Helen Chavez  (6/6, 88)  widow of Cesar

Thomas Steinbeck  (8/11, 72)  son of John

Thaddeus Farrow  (9/21, 27) adopted son of Mia

Miriam Weinstein  (11/2, 90)  mom of Bob & Harvey