Justin's Dead Pool 2014
A Year In Review

Last Updated:  December 22

Our 2014 Scoring Roster
Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson
Dennis "Fergie" Frederiksen
Dennis "Fergie" Frederiksen
Shirley Temple Black
Shirley Temple Black

Sid Caesar
Sid Caesar
Fred Phelps
Fred Phelps
Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Ann B. Davis
Ann B. Davis
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem
Eli Wallach
Eli Wallach

James Garner
James Garner
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall
Jim Traficant
Jim Traficant
Ben Bradlee
Ben Bradlee

Marion Barry
Marion Barry

Big deaths rendered meaningless because nobody scored.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Harold Ramis
Bob Hoskins
Robin Williams
Joan Rivers
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Harold Ramis Bob Hoskins Robin Williams Joan Rivers

Mike Nichols


Mike Nichols

The B-List
Folks who, while not quite rising to the level of Headliner, were still of note.

James Avery  Bill Guarnere  David Brenner  David McDuffie   James Avery  (12/31, 68)  Uncle Phil!!

Wild Bill Guarnere  (3/8, 90)  Easy Company veteran from Band of Brothers

David Brenner  (3/15, 78)  longtime standup.  Was funny in the 70s

David McDuffie  (3/9, 86)  allegedly this guy

James Rebhorn  John Pinette  Gabriel Garcia Marquez  Ruby Dee James Rebhorn  (3/12, 65)  ubiquitous character actor

John Pinette  (4/5, 50)  standup comic and Broadway star

Gabriel Garcia Marquez  (4/17, 87) Nobel winning author

Ruby Dee  (6/11, 91)  actor, civil rights activist, married to Ossie Davis

Rick Mayall  Meshach Taylor Elaine Stritch  Don Pardo  Rik Mayall  (6/9, 56)  influential British comic

Meshach Taylor  (6/28, 67)  Designing Women star

Elaine Stritch  (7/17, 89)  Broadway and later tv star

Don Pardo  (8/18, 96)  SNL announcer

   Lord Richard Attenborough  Richard Kiel  Geoffrey Holder  Jan Hooks  Lord Richard Attenborough  (8/24, 90)  Director, producer, actor

Richard Kiel  (9/10, 74)  Bond villain Jaws

Geoffrey Holder  (10/5, 84)  actor, dancer, the 7Up Un-Cola guy

Jan Hooks  (10/9, 57)  SNL great

Elizabeth Pena  Oscar De La Renta  Gerard Parkes  Glen Larson Elizabeth Pena (10/14, 55)  La Bamba, Jacob's Ladder, Modern Family

Oscar De La Renta  (10/20, 82)  fashion designer

Gerard Parkes  (10/20, 90)  from Fraggle Rock

Glen Larson  (11/14, 77)  created Battlestar Galactica, Quincy, Fall Guy, Magnum PI and Knight Rider.  Dang.

The C-List
Minor celebrities, various other entertainment names.

Ruth Robinson Duccini  (1/16, 95)  Last of Oz's female Munchkins          Ben Starr  (1/19, 92)  Co-creator of Silver Spoons and Facts of Life          Maximilian Schell  (1/31, 83)  Oscar-winning actor          Arthur Rankin, Jr.  (1/30, 89)  animator behind the 60's Rudolph special          John Henson  (2/14, 48)  Son of Jim, often played Sweetums          Ralph Waite  (2/13, 85)  Pa Walton          Garrick Utley  (2/20, 74)  longtime NBC newsman          Tom Wilson  (2/26, 52)  country comic, wrote lots of song parodies for the Bob & Tom show          Clarissa Dickson Wright  (3/15, 66)  the last of Two Fat Ladies          Otto Petersen  (4/13, 53)  ventriloquist of Otto & George          Al Feldstein  (4/29, 88)  longtime editor of Mad Magazine          Bunny Yeager  (5/25, 85)  pinup model turned photographer, shot many Playaboy centerfolds          Daniel Keyes  (6/15, 86)  author of Flowers For Algernon          Dave Legeno  (7/6, 50)  Fenrir Greyback in the Harry Potter movies          Dick Jones  (7/7, 87)  voice of Pinocchio          Dick Smith  (7/30, 92)  Godfather of Makeup, multiple Oscar winner          Marilyn Burns  (8/5, 65)  star of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre          Tom Magliozzi  (11/3, 77)  Half of CarTalk's Click and Clack          Carol Ann Susi  (11/11, 62)  Big Bang Theory's off-screen mom          Ken Weatherwax  (12/7, 59)  played Pugsley Addams


James Hellwig   Rubin "Hurricane" Carter  Don Zimmer Chuck Noll
James Hellwig  (4/8, 54)  wrestling's The Ultimate Warrior

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter  (4/20, 76)  wrongfully imprisoned boxer

Don Zimmer  (6/4, 83)  longtime baseball player and coach

Chuck Noll  (6/13, 82)  won four Super Bowls with the 70's Steelers

Tony Gwynn         
Tony Gwynn  (6/16, 54)  Padres Hall of Famer.  Best hitter of his generation

Ralph Kiner  (2/6, 91)  Baseball Hall of Famer and Mets broadcaster          Jim Fregosi  (2/14, 71)  All-star MLB player and manager          Dr. Frank Jobe  (3/6, 88)  invented the "Tommy John" surgery          William Clay Ford, Sr.  (3/9, 88)  last grandson of Henry, owner of the Detroit Lions          Ralph Wilson  (3/25, 95)  founder and only owner of the Buffalo Bills          Dr. Jack Ramsay  (4/28, 89)  longtime basketball coach and broadcaster          Rob Bironas  (9/20, 36)  Longtime Titans kicker          Oscar Taveres  (10/26, 22)  Cardinals outfielder          Alvin Dark  (11/13, 92)  longtime MLB manager


 Phil Everly  Pete Seeger  Tommy Ramone  Johnny Winter  Phil Everly  (1/3, 74)  half of the singing Everly Brothers

Pete Seeger  (1/27, 94)  bedrock of the American Folk Music movement

Tommy Ramone  (7/11, 65) drummer and last original Ramone

Johnny Winter  (7/16, 70)  legendary blues guitarist

 Joe Cocker   Joe Cocker  (12/22, 70)  British rock and blues singer

Bob Casale 
(2/17, 61)  guitarist, Devo          
Franny Beecher  (2/24, 92)  guitarist, Bill Haley & the Comets          Scott Asheton  (3/15, 64)  drummer, The Stooges          Dave Brockie  (3/23, 50)  lead singer, as Oderus Urungus, of GWAR          Arthur Smith  (4/3, 93)  wrote Dueling Banjos          Jerry Vale  (5/18, 83)  one of the biggest crooners of the 50s and 60s          Malcolm Glazer  (5/28, 85)  owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United          Dick Wagner  (7/30, 71)  rock guitarist who played with Alice Cooper and Lou Reed          Glenn Cornick  (8/28, 67)  bassist, Jethro Tull          Bob Crewe  (9/11, 83)  writer and producer with the Four Seasons          Paul Revere  (10/4, 76) of "and the Raiders"          Tim Hauser  (10/16, 72)  founder, Manhattan Transfer          Henry Lee Jackson  (11/11, 55)  Sugarhill Gang's Big Bank Hank          Jack Bruce  (10/25, 71)  Cream bassist

Business / Politics / History
Hiroo Onoda  (1/16, 91)  Japanese WWII soldier that surrendered out of a Philippine jungle in 1974

Ken Forsse  (3/19, 77)  inventor of Teddy Ruxpin

Chester Nez  (6/4, 93)  last of the original Navajo Code Talkers

Paul Amos  (7/2, 88)  cofounder of Aflac

James Brady  (8/4, 73)  Regan press secretary, shot during the 1981 assassination attempt

Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier  (10/4, 63)  former Haitian dictator

Donald Stookey  (11/4, 99)  inventor of Corningwear
Maria Von Trapp  (2/18, 99)  Last surviving singing sibling

Charles Keating, Jr.  (3/31, 90)  that savings & loan scandal guy

Dr. John Bergan  (6/11, 87)  performed first kidney transplant, 1964

Eduard Shevardnadze  (7/7, 86)  former Soviet foreign minister

Werner Franz  (8/3, 92) last surviving Hindenberg crew member

Comer Cottrell (10/3, 82)  owned the company that invented Jheri Curl

R.A. Montgomery  (11/9, 78)  Author of Choose Your Own Adventure books
L'Wren Scott  (3/17, 49)  fashion designer, girlfriend of Mick Jagger

Jeb Magruder  (5/11, 79)  White House aide during Watergate

Stephanie Kwolek  (6/18, 90)  inventor of Kevlar

Dutch van Kirk  (7/28, 93)  last surviving crew member of the Enola Gay

S. Truett Cathy  (9/8, 93)  founder of Chik-Fil-A

Jerrie Mock  (9/30, 88)  first female pilot to fly solo around the world

It's All Relative

Helga Sandburg Crile  (1/26, 95)  daughter of Carl Sandburg

Joan Mondale  (2/3, 83)  wife of Walter

Carmen Berra  (3/6, 85)  wife of Yogi

Amanda Dempsey  (3/24, 79) mother of Patrick

Antoinette D'Amato  (4/24, 99)  mother of Senator Alfonse

Paul Fleiss  (7/19, 80)  father of Heidi

Laura Kostyra Plimpton  (8/6, 59) sister of Martha Stewart
Paul Warhola  (1/29, 91)  brother of Andy Warhol

Arthur Ortenberg  (2/3, 87)  widower of Liz Claiborne

Patrice Wymore Flynn (3/22, 87) widow of Errol

Lynda Petty  (3/25, 72)  wife of NASCAR's Richard

Lady Mary Soames  (5/31, 91)  last child of Churchill

Rosalind Nyman Joel  (7/13, 92)  mother of Billy

Tony Kidman  (9/12, 80)  father of Nicole
Betty Moffitt (2/7, 91)  mother of Billie Jean King

Nancy Motes  (2/9, 37)  estranged half sister of Julia and Eric Roberts

Peaches Geldof  (4/7, 25) model daughter of Bob

Francis Moore (4/19, 92)  father of filmmaker Michael

Louis Brown, Jr. (7/3, 90)  father of Nicole Brown Simpson

Jessica Barrymore  (7/29, 47)  half-sister of Drew

Frank Torre  (9/13, 82)  brother of Joe